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A radar gun mounted to the dashboard of a ford police interceptor

Your Personal Command Center

The Ford Police Interceptor® has versatility built in. Steering wheel switches are configurable for sirens, lights, speakers and other police applications.
Wiring access point of a ford police interceptor

Wired Smart

A column shifter frees up the center console space to accommodate police equipment.
The rear console plate streamlines upfitting, interfacing with the front console plate as a wiring channel. This allows for direct installation of electronics equipment from the front console area to the rear of the vehicle. A dual-purpose dome light illuminates in white, as well as red for clandestine operations.
A heavy duty ford police interceptor alternator

220-Amp Alternator

The next-generation Police Interceptor® features a state-of-the-art electrical system for all of its standard and optional electronics. Plus, it is equipped with a massive 220-amp alternator to support police radios, computers, lights, video cameras, radar, printers and more.

Exterior Appearance

Both sedan and utility models come in 17 different exterior colors direct from the factory. White vinyl color treatments are available for traditional two-tone schemes.
Paint swatches of available ford police interceptor colors
The headlight of a ford police interceptor

Lighting Solutions

A full range of LED lighting solutions is available from the factory.
Interior view of a ford police interceptor

Standardized Architecture

The commonality of standard powertrains on both the sedan and the utility offers great advantages for fleet management. One set of maintenance parts and interchangeable components minimize the complexity of caring for your fleet.


Non-original equipment can adversely impact vehicle crash performance. For example, push-bars could adversely affect air bag deployment in frontal impacts and prisoner barricades could result in head and neck trauma in high-speed rear impacts. Due to the variability of equipment installed, based on individual law-enforcement agency requirements, Ford does not test aftermarket equipment for functionality with Ford components. Law enforcement must balance needs for function and other officer safety concerns when equipping police vehicles with non-original equipment.