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Heavy-Duty Front Suspension

The front suspension is built and tested to the same structural standard and performance level as every Police Interceptor.® Front subframe structural reinforcements, heavy-duty powertrain mounts, underbody deflectors, large hubs and bearings, and reinforced subframe mounts have all been designed to handle the intense demands of everyday police work.
Close up of a ford police interceptor sedan wheel well
Interior of a ford police interceptor

Ergonomic Interior

The driver’s seat is six-way power adjustable with lumbar support. The foam in both front seats is specially sculpted to accommodate officers’ utility belts, making it easier to buckle in safely. The seat bottom side bolsters are specially cut to address frequent entering and exiting the cabin all day. Anti-stab plates installed in the seat backs provide an added degree of safety.
Officer standing beside a ford police interceptor using a speed radar gun

Heavy-Duty Cooling System

Capable of managing the extreme heat generated during a typical police day, its large, high-volume radiator, engine oil cooler and transmission fluid cooler offer excellent cooling capacity. Police-calibrated fan settings keep the system operating effectively during long idle periods with minimal air flowing over the engine. A large frontal opening on the sedan and a special grille mesh enable optimum airflow into the engine.
Ford police interceptor utility driving in snow

Heavy-Duty Subframe

The high-strength heavy-duty subframe and powertrain mounts have been reinforced to handle the extreme stress and tension encountered in a typical day on the job. Both the subframe and powertrain mounts have been tested to industry standards.
Under carriage view of a ford police interceptor

Undercarriage Deflector Plate

A steel undercarriage deflector plate protects the underbody, powertrain and chassis components, and helps to reduce potential repair costs from damage incurred during police driving situations. The deflector plate’s smart design allows for better cooling and easier access to the engine compartment for routine maintenance.
A ford police interceptor door tether

Door Tethers

The front doors on the Police Interceptor® have supplemental tethers to strengthen the hinge action during police work.

Heavy-Duty Braking System

The heavy-duty braking system features large-diameter rotors with large mass for high thermal capacity and calipers with large swept – or coverage – area. The hat-vented rotors direct airflow toward the brake pads to help keep the components cooler. And the unique calipers retract farther from the rotor to help increase cooling.
Close up view of a ford police interceptor brake system
A ford police interceptor rear seat

Specialized Rear Seating

Access to the second-row passenger area is eased by wide-opening rear doors. The simplified rear door panels have no map pockets or cupholders, reducing opportunities to hide contraband. Unique hidden door lock plungers, accessible from the front-row door jambs, are manually activated to secure occupant containment in the second row. Both the rear seat and the floor are covered in heavy-duty vinyl to ease cleaning.

Driver-Distraction Solutions

To help minimize distraction, optional remappable switches are engineered into the steering wheel. When connected to various equipment, these switches can help officers keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. Voice-activated Ford SYNC® technology can also be paired to a cell phone or mobile device for hands-free voice calling.
Ford police interceptor dashboard and center console displays
A fully packed ford police interceptor sedan trunk

Sedan Trunk

The generous trunk in the Police Interceptor® Sedan offers a lockable trunk vault that securely stores contraband and equipment. An available circulation fan pulls air from the cabin, maintaining temperate conditions and helping protect heat-sensitive electronics stored in the trunk. An optional sliding electronics tray keeps aftermarket communications equipment up and out of the way. A full-size spare tire is standard.
A ford police interceptor key

Fleet/Exterior Locks

A simple fleet key addresses key-management issues, making it easier and more cost-effective for police agencies. The Police Interceptor® key does not have a microchip, to minimize replacement cost. In addition, power failure will not inhibit access. Available keyed-alike keysets allow use of just one key for a combined sedan and utility Police Interceptor fleet. Four keys are provided standard with every vehicle.


Non-original equipment can adversely impact vehicle crash performance. For example, push-bars could adversely affect air bag deployment in frontal impacts and prisoner barricades could result in head and neck trauma in high-speed rear impacts. Due to the variability of equipment installed, based on individual law-enforcement agency requirements, Ford does not test aftermarket equipment for functionality with Ford components. Law enforcement must balance needs for function and other officer safety concerns when equipping police vehicles with non-original equipment.