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Close up of a police interceptor utility grille

Engine Choices

A variety of engine choices across the Police Interceptor® models deliver impressive power. The standard 3.7L V6/AWD delivers 305 hp in the Police Interceptor Sedan and 304 hp in the Police Interceptor Utility. The available 3.5L EcoBoost® adds an additional 60 hp under the hood.

Exclusive Ford EcoBoost® Technology

Now available on both sedan and utility, it gives you the acceleration and closing speed that pursuit driving demands while delivering impressive performance. Two turbochargers on the available 3.5L EcoBoost® effectively kick out an impressive 365 horsepower with no turbo lag or hesitation. A high-pressure direct-injection fuel system delivers a mist of vaporized fuel directly into the cylinders during the intake stroke, allowing the engine to breathe more freely and contributing to its efficiency. 
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Straight ahead view of a ford police interceptor utility

The Powerful 3.7L V6

Standard on the sedan (305 hp) and utility (304 hp) models, these naturally aspirated engines deliver 279 lb.-ft. of torque and feature Ti-VCT (twin independent variable camshaft timing). They also offer the flexibility of operating on E85 fuel. And they provide excellent fuel economy,* which can help municipalities meet their financial goals. 
*Sedan FWD: EPA-estimated rating of 18 city/26 hwy/21 combined mpg, FWD. Actual mileage will vary. Sedan AWD: EPA-estimated rating of 18 city/25 hwy/21 combined mpg. Actual mileage will vary. Utility AWD: EPA-estimated rating of 15 city/20 hwy/17 combined mpg, FWD. Actual mileage will vary.
Ford Police Interceptor Sedan driving on the freeway

AWD Standard

Co-developed with EVOC instructors, the standard pre-emptive full-time Intelligent AWD System has been specifically designed and calibrated to complement pursuit driving. By distributing torque to all four wheels, the Intelligent AWD System provides improved handling stability and traction in challenging driving conditions.
Ford police interceptor sedan driving on a gravel road

AdvanceTrac® With RSC®

Similar to the Intelligent AWD System for the Police Interceptor,® the police-calibrated AdvanceTrac with RSC (Roll Stability Control™) system was tuned with the guidance of EVOC instructors to enhance pursuit-driving maneuvers.* The uniquely police-calibrated system continuously monitors performance and conditions, automatically applying brakes and adjusting engine torque when the system detects wheelslip.
*Remember that even advanced technology cannot overcome the laws of physics. It’s always possible to lose control of a vehicle due to inappropriate driver input for the conditions.


Non-original equipment can adversely impact vehicle crash performance. For example, push-bars could adversely affect air bag deployment in frontal impacts and prisoner barricades could result in head and neck trauma in high-speed rear impacts. Due to the variability of equipment installed, based on individual law-enforcement agency requirements, Ford does not test aftermarket equipment for functionality with Ford components. Law enforcement must balance needs for function and other officer safety concerns when equipping police vehicles with non-original equipment.