Bronco Roof Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I switch my two-door order to a soft top version?
No. Two-door Bronco vehicles cannot be ordered from the factory with a soft top. We prioritized the most common buildable options at launch. We are always listening to feedback and considering future options.

Ford now has dealer-installed options for soft top roofs, why can’t two-door Bronco vehicles be ordered with just this soft top?
The accessory roof that is orderable as a dealer-installed option is a Ford Licensed Accessory. Ford Licensed Accessories are designed and developed by the accessory manufacturer. As a result, they cannot be offered from the factory.

What do I do if I want the dual top roof option for my Bronco vehicle?
The dual top option from the factory is coming for the 2023 model year (MY). If you want a dual top roof sooner, order the molded-in-color hardtop and purchase a soft top through Ford Accessories. Accessory soft top roofs are available for two- and four-door Bronco vehicles through your Ford Dealer.

What is included in the hardtop prep kit?
The hardtop prep kit is included on all four-door soft top orders, effective with September 2021 production. The kit includes the proper connections for the rear windshield wiper and rear defroster, as well as the controls needed for these features. If you are looking to get in a Bronco vehicle sooner, you should consider ordering a soft top with a hardtop prep kit. 

How will I be able to get a hardtop roof when available, and what will it cost?
Hardtop roofs are anticipated to be available in 2023 as an accessory ordered through the dealership. While we cannot provide a price yet, the freight shipping costs to get the roofs to our dealers will cause the cost to be higher than the factory-installed option.

Will the hardtop prep kit be available for customers whose four-door soft top Bronco is built before September production?
No. The hardtop prep kit was a mid-MY add based on customer interest. Since September 2021, the hardtop prep kit is included on all four-door Bronco vehicles with a soft top.

Which roofs are available for the 2022 MY Bronco vehicle?

  • Two-door Bronco vehicles – Carbonized gray Molded-in-Color (MIC) hardtop
  • Four-door Bronco vehicles – Carbonized gray Molded-in-Color (MIC) hardtop or Black Cloth Soft Top

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