How do I lock and unlock my car remotely with the FordPass®* App?

When using the FordPass App, you have direct access to remotely lock and unlock your vehicle. Use the instructions below for access. 

Before you attempt to lock and or unlock your vehicle, ensure the following pre-conditions are met:

Important: The Guides do not have access to your remote commands. Therefore, they are unable to unlock, lock, or control your vehicle.

  1. Log in to the FordPass App.
  2. Navigate to the Home screen. 
  3. Press and hold the Unlock or Lock button for one second.


  • Allow the white line to travel around the button edge.
  • An alert will appear confirming that your vehicle has been unlocked or locked successfully.
  • The alert banner displays for 10 seconds. 

Additional Information

Where can I find Remote Locking troubleshooting steps?

*The FordPass App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available through a free download. Message and data rates may apply.

**FordPass Connect (optional on select vehicles), the FordPass App, and Complimentary Connected Services are required for remote features (see FordPass Terms for details). Connected Services and features depend on compatible AT&T network availability. Evolving technology/cellular networks/vehicle capability may limit functionality and prevent operation of connected features. Connected services exclude Wi-Fi hotspot.