How do I Find a Charging Location using the FordPass® App?

To find a charging station near you:

  1. Navigate to the Map landing page.
  2. Select the Charging icon.
  3. If there are charging stations near you, Lightning Pins will appear on the map. 
    • Your mobile device location is represented by the Layered Circle icon. 
    • Your vehicle's location is represented by the Vehicle Pin.
  4. To manually search, type your destination in the Going Somewhere? field.
  5. To filter your search, select the Filters button. 
  6. Filter options include: 
    • Fast Chargers
    • Availability 
    • Ford Network (In-network chargers)
    • Networks
      • ChargePoint
      • EV Connect
      • EVgo
      • Electrify America
      • Shell Recharge
    • Plug & Charge 
    • Free to Charge
    • Minimum Rating
    • Limited Access Stations

To view more information about the charging station, select the Station Preview Card