How do I charge my Electric Vehicle at Ford Charge Fast Chargers?

To use a Ford Charge DC Fast Charger, simply identify your connector and pay using a credit/debit card or mobile wallet.


  • Ford Charge DC Fast Chargers are open to all compatible vehicles from all makes, not just Ford Electric Vehicles (EVs).
  • App-based payment methods are currently unavailable.

Before you plug in your vehicle:

  1. Locate the letter that corresponds to the connector you plan to use (A or B) on the front of the charge station.
  2. Select the letter of the charger connector on the charge station touchscreen.
  3. Insert, tap, or swipe your credit/debit card or mobile wallet on the card reader to activate your payment method.

Note: Contactless payments must be made on the card reader and not on the RFID touch zone located to the left of the credit card reader.

  1. Wait until the card reader has successfully authorized the transaction.

You are now able to plug the selected connector into your vehicle to begin charging.

Additional Support

How do I stop a charge session?

Using the charge station's touchscreen:

  1. Select the connector your vehicle is plugged into to bring up the Charging Session screen.
  2. Tap the red Stop button.

Once the screen indicates that charging has stopped, you can remove the connector from your vehicle.

Can two vehicles use this charger at the same time?

Yes, this charger is capable of charging two vehicles at the same time, each using a connector.

Note: When two vehicles are using the charger at the same time, power is shared equally between them.

How much does it cost to charge on a Ford Charge Fast Charger?

The price for charging on-site is independently set by the dealer, not by Ford.

For any feedback on pricing, please contact a member of the dealer's staff.

How do I get further assistance?

If you are in need of support while using the Ford Charge Fast Charger, contact the 24-hour Driver Support Line.

US Support Line: 1-888-357-1009
Canada Support Line: 1-888-357-1019

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