Enjoy your three-month SiriusXM All Access trial.

All new Ford SiriusXM-equipped vehicles come with a 3-month All Access trial subscription.* Rock every channel available in your


*Trial length and service availability may vary by model, model year or trim.

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Listen to Everything, Everywhere

SiriusXM is over 150 channels of amazing entertainment at the press of a button, whether you’re running an errand or heading out on an epic road trip. 

SiriusXM has the information for your superhighways.

SiriusXM delivers a broad range of information directly to your car’s navigation system. In addition to satellite radio, customers who buy or lease a 

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SXM Traffic Coverage

Make your drive smarter with SiriusXM Travel Link.

SiriusXM Travel Link keeps you connected to the world outside the car. Get weather alerts, maps and forecasts; information on fuel prices in your 

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SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link FAQ


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Will I know when my trial subscription is ending?