How Do I Fast Charge My Ford EV?

You have options when it comes to charging your electric Ford vehicle. When you’re away from home, you have access to the BlueOval™ Charge Network with over 75,000 chargers where you can fast charge your EV and quickly get back on the road.

What Is Fast Charge?

All owners and lessees have access to fast charging at available DC fast chargers, where the available 150 kW chargers can charge an average of 41 miles in 10 minutes for a standard-range battery or 54 miles in 10 minutes for an extended-range battery.* That means you can get a 15–80% charge in under 45 minutes. All owners and lessees can find fast charge stations through the Ford BlueOval™ Charge Network. Use FordPass® Connect in your FordPass App* to activate your charging services.

When Should I Use Fast Charge?

DC fast charging is a great option for longer road trips or less frequent, on-the-go charging needs. But to protect the longevity of your battery, Ford recommends that the majority of charging should be done at routine, slow-and-steady speeds using Level 1 and Level 2 chargers. This helps keep your battery healthy and also costs less.

For additional ways to preserve and prolong your vehicle battery over the long haul, check out our article on Healthy Battery Habits.

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Your battery is covered for 8 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, retaining a minimum of 70% of its original capacity over that period.**

*Range and charge time based on manufacturer computer engineering simulations and EPA-estimated range calculation methodology. The charging rate decreases as battery reaches full capacity. Your results may vary based on peak charging times and battery state of charge. Actual vehicle range varies with conditions such as external environment, vehicle use, vehicle maintenance, lithium-ion battery age, and state of health.

**For important warranty details and exclusions, contact your dealer or see your Warranty Guide.