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2019 EcoSport


Ready To Go

Feel at home in any environment. With versatile seating, a standard Cargo Management System and two engines to choose from, this SUV is designed to accommodate you on all your adventures, from the great outdoors to the grocery store. So go. And enjoy the ride.
The 2019 EcoSport Titanium in Lightning Blue on a city street with another EcoSport in Ruby Red behind on its right

Conserve Your Energy

Auto Start-Stop Technology cannot only help reduce fuel consumption and emissions, but it can also potentially save you money at the pump. The system automatically shuts off the engine when it’s not needed — such as when you’re idling at a traffic light. If the situation calls for it, you can turn off this feature with the press of a button on the center console. Smart and responsible. That’s your ride. And you.
2019 Ford EcoSport Titanium in Lightning Blue on a city street



Hill Start Assist

You’re at a red light. On a hill. Rest easy. Hill start assist can help you switch from brake to gas without rolling backward. The system is activated automatically when you press the brake pedal on a slope.
2019 Ford EcoSport S E S in Ruby Red stopped on a hill