SYNC Services Subscriptions Discontinued - Frequently Asked Questions

What is SYNC Services?

SYNC Services was a paid subscription service available to owners of a 2008 through 2016 Model Year vehicles equipped with SYNC, SYNC with MyFord, SYNC with MyFord Touch, or SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation. The feature utilized your phone to provide 411 Business Search, turn-by-turn directions, news, traffic, weather, sports, and more through voice commands. Most SYNC-equipped vehicles have been eligible for a limited, complimentary subscription to SYNC Services, which included 20 complimentary Operator Assist calls per year.

The service also utilized the SYNC Destinations mobile app to allow you to access traffic information, receive turn-by-turn directions, manage Saved Points, and more, using your subscription.

Please note that 911 Assist is not included in SYNC Services subscription and, if equipped, was not impacted by this change.

Why was SYNC Services discontinued?

SYNC Services relied on technology that is no longer being supported. While this technology was useful when the feature launched, it is no longer the best way to support owner needs. We will continue to focus efforts on new technologies.

Who did this change impact?

This change impacted Owners of a 2008 through 2016 Model Year vehicle with SYNC, SYNC with MyFord, or SYNC with MyFord Touch. If you aren’t sure which version of SYNC you have in your vehicle, you can check here.

How did this impact owners that use this feature?

The following is no longer available:

  • The SYNC Destinations mobile app
  • Operator Assist Sessions
  • The ability to activate SYNC Services subscription through this site
  • The ability to access to SYNC Services features and settings through this site
  • The ability to fully utilize certain features, such as voice-activated assistance

What actions do I need to take?

There are no actions that you need to take. However, you may want to re-familiarize yourself with the features in your vehicle.


For more information, please refer to the Member Terms & Conditions.