SYNC electric vehicle information screen overview

If you have a hybrid electric, a plug-in hybrid electric, or a fully electric vehicle, the SYNC® 3 touchscreen conveniently displays power flow, status, and usage data. For fully electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, SYNC 3 provides charging information, as well—to help you get the most out of every charge.27

Power Flow display

The SYNC 3 touchscreen can display Power Flow screens that illustrate where power is coming from and how it is being used, depending upon your current operating mode.

To access the Power Flow feature, press the Apps icon in the feature bar at the bottom of your touchscreen. Then press the Power Flow icon.

For a comprehensive explanation of the flows and driving modes, please see your Owner Manuals.

Charge Settings for Go Times

In the Charge Settings menu, you can monitor your vehicle’s current battery charge status and schedule times to charge your vehicle, which allows you to take advantage of times when utility rates are lower.* To access the Charge Settings menu, press the Settings icon in the feature bar at the bottom of the touchscreen. Then press the Charge Settings icon.

You can also set up My Go Times for cabin conditioning temperatures and charging times—so your vehicle is ready to drive when you are ready to go.**

The Cabin Conditioning feature lets you set the cabin temperature when you set your GO Time—in order to use energy from your home or charging station instead of your vehicle battery.

In this menu you can quickly view the Go Time summary, the current state, and both the actual status and estimated charge times for the battery. You can also edit your charge profile and mode there.

For information on scheduling Go Times and setting Cabin Conditioning temperatures, please see your Owner Manuals.

* Based on your local utility's participation.

** Effectiveness of preconditioning may be reduced by extreme outside temperatures or when using 120V charging.