Where do I find the dimensions of a Ford?

To find the dimensions on any current Ford vehicle:

Check the Ford website.

  1. Visit the Ford website.
  2. Click on ALL VEHICLES.
  3. Select your vehicle.
  4. Select Models & Specs on the vehicle drop-down menu.

  1. Choose a vehicle model.
  2. Scroll down and select Specifications.
  3. The vehicle's dimensions will be listed under:
    • Exterior for information such as vehicle's length or height.
    • Interior for information such as headroom or legroom.

Download a vehicle's technical specifications.

  1. Visit the Ford media website.
  2. Hover over Vehicles.
  3. Select a vehicle from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select Tech Specs.
  5. Click on the Tech Specs file.
  6. The vehicle's dimensions will be listed under Dimensions.

Tip: To search the PDF file, press CTRL + F to open a search box in your browser. You can then enter any term, such as "dimensions", to search the file.

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