Ford Bronco SUV: Take the Roof Off and Enjoy the Outdoors

You drive a Ford Bronco™ vehicle to get outside. That’s why we built it to let the outside in — with a removable hardtop option and all the tools you need to take it off.

First, you’ll need to remove the roof rack, if you have one. Ask a friend to help and get started by:

  1. Removing the front roof rack cover screws with the PT30 hex tool. Then remove the covers by pulling upward and rotating toward the front of the vehicle
  2. Remove the front roof rack nuts with the 13 mm hex socket tool, and then at the back, use your Bronco key to remove the cover to access the rear fastener
  3. Loosen the rear fastener with the triangular bolt tool
  4. With some help, lift the rack up and off
  5. Find the two windshield trim covers in your glove box
  6. Place the plate over the roof rack mounting points, and secure the fasteners in place with the 13 mm hex socket tool
  7. Attach the cover and snap it into place, and do the same for the other side

Now, let’s remove the hardtop:

  1. Remove the front roof panels starting with the driver’s side
  2. Fold the sun visors down
  3. Unlatch the driver’s side header panel at the top of the windshield, then unlock the three L-shaped latches on the driver’s side front roof panel by turning them
  4. Remove the driver’s side front roof panel
  5. Repeat the steps above to remove the passenger-side front roof panel
  6. Use the storage bag to help protect the panels. The front panels share a storage bag. Make sure the panels are clean, then flip the divider inside the bag out of the way
  7. Place the first panel in the bag, add the divider, then place the second one in and zip it closed
  8. Slide the bag into the cargo area and stand it straight up
  9. Secure it by wrapping the upper roof bag strap snugly around the rear-seat headrest, without crushing the head restraint
  10. Hook the lower bag hooks to the forward cargo rings
  11. If you have a slide-out tailgate or other accessories, you may have to store your panels horizontally. To do this, lay the bag down in the cargo area and thread the loops through the two D-rings, and secure the panels

You're halfway there. After removing the front panels:

  1. If equipped, start on the center panel by unlatching the driver’s and passenger sides here, then unlock the three L-shaped locks
  2. Remove the center panel with a friend’s help, and store it in a secure place

Now for the final steps for rear panel removal:

  1. Open the tailgate and lift open the tailgate window
  2. Locate the wiring harness and washer hose inside the cargo area on the rear driver’s side
  3. Disconnect the wiring harness by pushing the tab to release and pulling down. Do the same with the hose connector, and secure both by plugging them into their spots inside the Bronco vehicle
  4. Open the rear doors
  5. Remove the two screws that secure the rear roof panel at the C-pillar using the head driver and ratchet
  6. Unscrew the four screws on each side at the base of the rear roof panel
  7. With the tailgate window still open, and a friend’s help, lift the rear roof panel straight up. Once the locating pins are completely out, just lift the roof off
  8. Place the panel on a soft surface, like a padded tarp, and store it with the tailgate window open to prevent damage

How to Reinstall the Ford Bronco Hardtop

When the weather changes and it's time to put the hardtop back on, reinstallation is easy. Find a friend and:

  1. Lift the rear roof panel onto the vehicle, making sure to align the locating pins properly
  2. Attach the panel to your Bronco vehicle by securing the four screws on each side
  3. Use the head driver ratchet to reattach the two screws onto the C-pillar
  4. Reconnect the washer hose and wiring harness
  5. Install the center roof panel the same way it came off. Place it on the vehicle with the help of another person
  6. Latch the driver’s side and passenger-side latches
  7. Lock the three L-shaped locks on the center panel
  8. Take the front roof panels out of the bag and place them on the vehicle, passenger side first
  9. Close the header at the top of the windshield and turn the three L-shaped latches to lock them. Do the same on the other side

Now, let’s reinstall the roof rack:

  1. Remove the windshield trim covers by pressing the button on the rear of the cover and rotating it forward, then remove the fasteners with the 13 mm hex socket tool and remove the plate
  2. Position the roof rack on the vehicle, and use the triangular bolt tool to secure the fasteners
  3. Snap the cover into place and do the same for the passenger side
  4. Hand-tighten the front roof rack nuts, then finish with the 13 mm hex socket tool
  5. Align the cover with the alignment slot and rotate rearward. Use the PT30 hex tool to secure the screws and one side is done. Repeat for the other side

How to Remove the Bronco Soft Top

For generations, a soft top coming down has been the first sign of warmer days ahead. The story is the same with your Ford Bronco SUV. Your soft top can be opened partly or completely, or can be removed.

Note: Vehicle should be parked or stopped when removing or opening the soft top.

To open it partially:

  1. Lower the visors, then release the two latches in the headliner
  2. Push the soft top up and to the rear
  3. In the glove box, you’ll find Velcro straps to hold it in place if you are going off road or just driving on rough surfaces

To open it fully:

  1. Remove the rear quarter windows and the rear window
  2. Unbuckle the three clips at the top, and release the front edge by pulling the fabric out of the slot
  3. Slide the bottom panel forward all the way out to remove it. Repeat the process for the other rear quarter window
  4. On the rear window, release the Velcro all along the top and flip it up
  5. Pull the bottom corners rearward to disengage the clip
  6. Remove the top corners from the slots
  7. Unbuckle the four clips at the top, and slide the bottom of the window out, left or right
  8. Remove the straps, then press down the handle on the driver’s side of your vehicle to unlatch the soft top. Lift and rotate the soft top toward the rear of the vehicle

To completely remove the soft top:

  1. Remove the panel covers above the rear wheel wells in the cargo area
  2. Get the Bronco tool kit from your glove box
  3. Find the 13 mm hex socket tool to remove the three bolts on each side. Push up on these latches on each side of the rear corners on the soft top
  4. With a friend’s help, remove the soft top and store it in a secure area. Replace the panel covers and you’re good to go