Can I use biodiesel with my Ford?

All Ford diesel engines are capable of running on any blend of biodiesel up to and including B20. To find out more information about Biodiesel, and to determine if it is right for your vehicle, refer to your ​Owner's Manual​.

Biodiesel refers to a vegetable oil-based or animal fat-based diesel fuel. Blends of biodiesel and conventional petrodiesel fuels are products most commonly distributed for use in the retail diesel fuel marketplace. A system known as the “B” factor is used to state the amount of biodiesel in any fuel mix.

  • 100% biodiesel is referred to as B100.
  • 20% biodiesel is labeled B20.
  • 5% biodiesel is labeled B5.
  • 2% biodiesel is labeled B2.


  • Biodiesel (B20) burns cleaner than petrodiesel, with reduced emissions.
  • Biodiesel (B20) may be more expensive than petrodiesel and in low temperatures may require a special additive or fuel tank heater to flow properly.