Feature Highlight: Public Charging Software Update

Software update 6.X started in October 2023.

What Public Charging Does

The Public Charging feature is an app on the center touchscreen inside your EV (electric vehicle) to assist you in a few ways with public charging on the road.

Which Vehicles Are Receiving This Software Update

Public Charging is an EV charging feature rolling out in software update version 6 to all Mustang Mach-E® SUV and F-150® Lightning® truck model years. Please note this is a phased rollout and not all owners will receive these updates at the same time. Check the FordPass®* App or your in-vehicle settings for your latest software updates.

What’s Included in This Software Update

This software update puts EV public charging access conveniently at your fingertips inside your vehicle, amplifying your charging access and flexibility. This update also provides a MAP view in addition to the List view already offered on your Public Charging in-vehicle app. It all comes together here to help make public charging even easier for your Ford EV. Visit the Software Update FAQs to learn how to view your latest software update details and get answers to all your software questions.

How Public Charging Enhances Your EV Experience

This updated feature conveniently brings together all your EV charging information right inside your vehicle once you complete your Ford BlueOval Charge Network (BOCN) enrollment, which is required to activate chargers through Plug and Charge. With this EV app feature update, everything you need for EV charging access is at your fingertips on your vehicle touchscreen. You’ll also enjoy the added flexibility of letting others drive your vehicle and charge as needed without asking them to download the FordPass App on their own smartphone. Public Charging will be available on all Ford EVs. Always updated and always with you — no smartphone necessary.

What Public Charging Does to Your Vehicle

Public Charging provides real-time updates on EV charging station uptime and availability — plus it gives you added details during charging sessions, such as nearby charging options, current charge speed, available range estimate, and time left to fully charge. You can also customize your in-vehicle search for public chargers with this newly updated Ford EV charging feature by easily filtering for charging speed, networks, and plug and charge capability similar to your phone.

Where You Can Find Public Charging in Your Vehicle

You can find Public Charging as a web application on your EV in-vehicle touchscreen. It lets you find EV public chargers and conveniently start chargers on the Ford BlueOval Charge Network (BOCN) right from your vehicle touchscreen. Enrollment in the BOCN is required first, and Ford all-electric customers will receive three years of complimentary access to the BOCN.** The BOCN provides access to North America’s largest charging network — and enrollment is free. This adds even more convenience and flexibility for EV owners with added payment and charging options across North America, and allows for easy activation with Public Charging or with the FordPass App.

When You Should Use Public Charging

Use it anytime you need to find or confirm public charger details from your EV. Drive more confidently than ever now with the BOCN, from your daily commute to that great American road trip and everything else in between. Public Charging lets you venture out in your Ford EV with greater access and flexibility than before.


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*FordPass® Connect, the FordPass® App, and complimentary Connected Service are required for remote features (see FordPass Terms for details). Connected Service and features depend on compatible AT&T network availability. Evolving technology/cellular networks/vehicle capability may limit functionality and prevent operation of connected features. Connected Service excludes Wi-Fi hotspot.

**Three-year trial begins with EV New Vehicle Limited Warranty start date. Customer will be billed for all fees, including but not limited to, fees for use of charging stations and any related parking fees.