How can I join the Ford Early Access Program waitlist?

  1. Go to and log into your account.

Note: If you have an eligible vehicle in your garage, but have not received an email, you will see a Not available status and a Join the waitlist button, which you will click to be taken to the the Ford Early Access Program website.

  1. Click Join the waitlist.
  2. Read the FordPass Terms & Privacy, Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy. Once you have, click the checkbox.
  3. Agree to be contacted through email and FordPass in-app messaging by clicking the checkbox.
  4. Click Join the waitlist.
  5. Click Okay in the pop-up window that appears confirming that you have joined the waitlist.

Note: If you would like to remove your vehicle from the waitlist, you can click the Changed your mind? Remove from waitlist link.

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