Ford Bronco Sport Off-Road Hardware

Your Ford Bronco™ Sport is ready to take on almost any off-road challenge the moment it leaves the dealership. However, there is always room for some upgrades.

Metal Bash Plates

Standard on Bronco Sport Badlands,™ these plates protect the rockers and underbody of the vehicle from damage caused by rocks, stumps and other trail obstacles. There are four:

  • Front bash plate
  • Front center deflector
  • Rocker shield with carbon canister shield
  • Fuel tank shields

All-Terrain Tires

  • The Bronco Sport Badlands features standard 28.5-inch 225/65R17 All-Terrain (A/T) tires, though 29-inch 235/65R17 A/T tires are optional. The 29-inch A/T tires are also standard equipment on the Bronco Sport First Edition
  • The remainder of the Bronco Sport lineup comes with standard 225/65R17 tires for the Base and Big Bend™ models. Customers can also opt for 225/60R18 tires as an option on the Big Bend; they are standard on the Outer Banks™ model

One of the 29-inch 235/65/R17 All-Terrain Tires available for the 2021 Ford Bronco™ Sport Badlands model.

Tow Hooks

The 2021 Ford Bronco™ Sport Badlands model in Cyber Orange driving into the wilderness.

Computer-generated image shown with optional features and available Ford accessories.

Ford Bronco Sport Badlands comes equipped with standard front tow hooks.

Rear Recovery Points

Should you need to be recovered from the rear, a rear recovery point is mounted directly to the frame of the vehicle. It provides a reliable location to connect tow straps, kinetic ropes or other aids.

  • To find them, use a suitable tool, such as a flathead screwdriver, then pull from the top edge of the towing eye cover (the towing eye cover has a small lanyard to keep it attached to the bumper)
  • To retrieve the pin, lift up the load floor in the cargo area and locate the pin in the tray next to the spare tire
  • To use it, screw the pin into the recovery point; for optimum strength, make sure you completely thread in the screw