How do I open the front luggage compartment on my Mustang Mach-E when I have no vehicle power?

If your Mustang Mach-E has no power, you will be unable to open the front hood to access the internal compartments using your Phone As A Key™* or key fob. 

To open the front compartment:

  1. Have an external power supply ready, such as a 12V jump box.
  2. Locate the small door covering on the front bumper below the headlight. 
  3. Press firmly on the top-right of the cover's edge, then pull the raised section on the bottom left toward you to take the covering off. 
  4. Behind the cover will be two wires (one red and one black). Pull both wires out of the opening to reveal the power terminals.
  5. Connect the external power supply to the terminals.  WARNING: Be sure to match the red positive cable to the red positive terminal and the black negative cable to the black negative terminal.

  6. Turn on the external power supply. If performed correctly, the front luggage compartment latches immediately release, and you have access to the front luggage compartment.
  7. Disconnect the external power supply, then boost or reconnect the 12V battery.

For more information, refer to the "Jump Starting Your Vehicle" section of your Owner's Manual.

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*Available on select vehicles. Requires feature activation. Not compatible with all smartphones.