Am I eligible for Ford Home Backup Power?

All trims of the F-150® Lightning® are compatible with Home Backup Power. The purchase of a Ford Charge Station Pro and Home Integration System is required to set up and activate Home Backup Power.

Ford Charge Station Pro

The Charge Station Pro is the only home charging option capable of transferring power from your vehicle to your home. You can purchase a Charge Station Pro through the Ford Chargers website.

Home Integration System

The Home Integration System works with the Charge Station Pro to provide power to your home and is available through Sunrun.

Home Backup Power Activation

Activating Home Backup Power enables your vehicle to share the power stored in its battery with your home. 

Home Backup Power activation: 

  • Is included with the purchase of F-150 Lightning trucks with an extended range battery.
  • Requires a one-time fee on the Ford Connect Services website for F-150 Lightning trucks with a standard range battery.

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