As the threat of wildfires increases, Ford Motor Company and Bronco Wild Fund have donated a Bronco® Badlands® model with the Sasquatch® Off-Road Package to the National Park Service for use in Bandelier National Monument, where it will operate as a firefighting command vehicle.


This first-of-its-kind Bronco will be deployed to Bandelier to expand their current capabilities in designated outdoor areas that lacks infrastructure and is difficult to access. It will provide wildland firefighters with the ability to go deep into the wilderness with reliable communications that allow for better fire detection and tracking, command and control, and crew coordination, resulting in more effective firefighting.


Upfitted by Darley, a company dedicated to serving the world’s fire and emergency services, this vehicle combines superb off-road capabilities with advanced first responder technology.  It’s communication-ready in even the most remote areas, with a Kymeta U8 satellite terminal, a Dejero 211 Gateway that aggregates cellular networks – in addition to radio communications. Backup power is supplied by a lithium energy, in-vehicle power system provided by Stealth Power. And when the Bronco covers ground, it has a quickly deployable Anafi unmanned aerial vehicle – “eyes in the sky” that provide additional situational awareness.

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