Preparing for Lease-End

Great opportunities for your next drive.

Is it the right time to drive off in a new Ford? Let us show you how easy it is to prepare for the Lease-End process.

Explore your options at Lease-End.

It’s the start of everything easy!

At Lease-End, you have three great options to choose from, and Ford Credit is ready to help make the experience easy and convienent for you.

Discover Your Lease-End Options

Buy or Lease a New Ford

Purchase Your Lease Vehicle

Return Your Lease Vehicle

Important Information about Wear and Use

View Wear and Use Information

Download Guidelines and Checklist


Schedule Your Lease-End inspection

You can schedule an inspection within 60 days of your Lease-End date. To schedule your inspection, AiM's Self Scheduling tool is available 24/7 at or by phone at 877-320-1343 between the hours of 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST, Monday thru Friday.

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