A Ford Mustang® GT3 race car, dramatically lit and partially in shadow

Performance Vehicles

The Spirit of Engineering

Henry Ford himself once raced ten laps on a dirt track against Alexander Winton, then the most famous racing driver in the world. The technologically advanced “1901 Sweepstakes” car he and his associates designed for the race helped him secure an upset victory over his rival — and financial backing from investors. 18 months later, he started Ford Motor Company.

Henry’s first race was also his last (“Once is enough,” he quipped at the time), but his legacy of ingenuity lives on. The demands of motorsport have made courses and tracks across the world ideal test beds for innovations in everything from handling to safety. And while every Ford model benefits, our performance vehicles prove we’re still searching for the limits of our craft.

Legends in the Making

An iconic design that instantly conveys speed, and the adrenaline-pumping horsepower to back it up. The original Mustang® fastback inspired the name of an entirely new category of sports cars — and 60 years later, its descendants honor that heritage while showing just how far we’ve come.
A closeup of the front grille of a Ford Mustang® GTD sports car, showing the Mustang badge

Mustang® Performance Models

Conquer Untamed Lands

The track isn’t the only place where performance matters. Trucks and SUVs that bear the Raptor® badge offer off-roading enthusiasts a compelling opportunity to take the road less traveled. In these vehicles, adventure is guaranteed.
A closeup of the hood of a Ford truck, with Raptor® badge visible on the scoop

Raptor® Trucks and SUVs

Compromise Nothing

Practical and utilitarian, or thrilling to drive — who says you have to choose? Since 1997, Ford ST (Sport Technologies) models have proven that the tuneful growl of a performance engine sounds just as sweet from the driver’s seat of a family hauler.
A closeup of the grille of a Ford ST SUV, showing the red ST badge

Ford ST Models

Driven to Win

Ford Performance and Multimatic Motorsports have partnered to achieve a precise blend of dramatic technological advancement and over a century of racing heritage. Free from the constraints of street-legal specification, these track-only monsters prove that refined sophistication and raw power are better together.
Sales and service for these vehicles will be managed by Multimatic. Ownership inquiries may be directed to them. Very limited availability. Inquiry does not guarantee ability to purchase.
A rear view of a Ford Mustang® Dark Horse™ track vehicle, with white smoke billowing from the tires

The Track Collection

Be a Part of the Action

The roar of the crowd needs your voice — but that doesn’t mean you have to be content in the stands. Whatever way you choose to enjoy Ford Performance vehicles, you’re part of a community that forges strong connections and makes memories that last a lifetime.