Can I charge my Ford Electric Vehicle at a Tesla Supercharger?

As of Feb.28, 2023, Tesla has begun to allow non-Tesla vehicles to charge at select Supercharger locations in North America.

You can find available locations through your FordPass® App*, or by visiting and selecting Superchargers Open to Non-Tesla.


  • Tesla Superchargers are not currently included in the BlueOval Charge Network and do not support Plug & Charge.
  • Payment for non-Tesla Supercharging requires a smartphone and must be completed through the Tesla App.

Your experience may vary Ford does not control:

  • The availability of locations that are open to non-Tesla vehicles.
  • Charge station layout and cable lengths.
  • Charging price, including any idle fees.

If you are in need of charging support while using a Tesla Supercharger, please contact Tesla directly through the Tesla App.


  • Site layout and cable length may make it difficult to reach the charge port on your vehicle in some cases. Please do not stretch the cable to reach your charging port as this may damage your vehicle or the charger.
  • When parking at a Tesla Supercharger and enabling the cable to reach your vehicle, you should:
    • Be respectful of other site users.
    • Observe posted parking ordinances.
    • Take care not to block traffic or park illegally.
  • Please take notice of any posts, barriers, or parking stops that may cause damage to your vehicle when parking.

* The FordPass App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available via a download. Message and data rates may apply.