Can I charge my Ford electric vehicle at a Tesla Supercharger?

Ford electric vehicles (EVs) can charge at upgraded Tesla Superchargers in the United States and Canada with a Fast Charging Adapter. Select Tesla Supercharger locations have a Magic Dock adapter built into their stations. At these locations, you can use the Fast Charging Adapter or the Magic Dock.

To learn more about how to obtain your Fast Charging Adapter, see the Fast Charging Adapter Home Page.

Charging at Tesla Superchargers

See the questions below for answers about charging your Ford EV at a Tesla Supercharger:

How should I park when I arrive at a Tesla Supercharger location? 

When parking your vehicle at a Tesla Supercharger, take care to note the layout of the location, including any posts or barriers which may make parking challenging. 

  • Parking at Tesla Superchargers may require your vehicle to be closer to the charger than at other chargers. 
    • At most locations, Ford vehicles can park in the parking spot to the right of the Tesla Supercharger they intend to use. 
    • Some Tesla Supercharger site layouts require Ford vehicles to occupy two parking spaces to allow the cable to reach the vehicle. Tesla is aware that Ford vehicles will need to occupy two spaces at these locations. 
  • In all cases, be respectful of other site users.
  • Take note of any signs or posts which may damage your vehicle while parking. 
  • Do not stretch the charging cable to reach your vehicle. This may cause damage to your vehicle or the charger. 

How do I find the stall number to activate in FordPass or the Public Charging App? 

The Tesla Supercharger stall number can be found at the base of the charger. 

I am at a Tesla Supercharger and my charge session is not starting. What do I do? 

Use FordPass or the Public Charging App on your vehicle's touchscreen to make sure the Tesla Supercharger you are trying to use is compatible with your Ford electric vehicle (EV). Not all Tesla Superchargers are compatible with non-Tesla EVs.

If you are at a compatible upgraded Tesla Supercharger and the charge is not starting, try the following:

  1. Check for connection issues: 
    1. Unplug the Fast Charging Adapter from your vehicle.
    2. Unplug the Tesla Supercharger cable from the Fast Charging Adapter.
    3. Confirm that connections are undamaged and free of debris.
    4. Try the session again.
  2. Try activating the Tesla Supercharger with FordPass or the Public Charging App on your vehicle’s touchscreen, if Plug & Charge does not automatically activate a charging session.
  3. Move to another Tesla Supercharger at the location.

If you tried the above steps and your charge session will not start, contact our Customer Relationship Center.

If you need Roadside Assistance, contact Ford Roadside Assistance.

Check out the video below to learn more about finding Tesla superchargers with your FordPass App:

Check out the video below to learn more about activating Tesla Superchargers:

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