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Let WearCare shield you from unexpected wear and use expenses

Even the most conscientious driver cannot prevent the inevitable chips, dings and scratches caused by the road. That’s why we offer the option of WearCare. Electing WearCare at the beginning of your lease protects you from unexpected excess wear and use charges.

When you purchase WearCare the coverage waives excess wear and use charges up to $5,000(subject to conditions). It helps leasing a Ford be a worry-free and enjoyable experience.  

Download the WearCare® brochure


WearCare is designed to meet your needs; however, there are some program limitations including:

  • Excess mileage charges
  • Missing parts costing more than $200
  • Damage caused by seizure, confiscation, racing, criminal acts, war, radiation, mechanical or electrical breakdown, improper repairs and alterations
  • Damage from use in certain commercial activities including, but not limited to, delivery, taxi, emergency vehicle, rental, construction and landscaping

Damage covered by other products such as insurance, service contracts, warranties and guarantees will generally not be waived. Summary only. Always read and understand the details and terms of your WearCare contract.

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