Rear view of 2020 Ford Edge S T in Ford Performance Blue being driven on a bridge in a large city.


GAPCoverage is designed to protect your investment. If your Ford is stolen and not recovered or if it’s declared a total loss, your insurance company may not pay enough to satisfy what you still owe. 

GAPCoverage bridges the gap between your finance balance and your vehicle’s insurance settlement plus up to $1,000 towards your deductible. It can prevent you from owing money on a vehicle you no longer own and help get you back on the road (subject to conditions).

If you want additional peace of mind, GAPAdvantage provides a $1,000 credit toward the cost of a replacement vehicle from your originating dealer (where available).

GAPCoverage delivers protection for a carefree ownership experience.

Download GAPCoverage Brochure

Download GAPAdvantage Brochure


GAPCoverage/GAPAdvantage does not provide benefits when loss or damage occurs:

  • Due to fraud or intentional damage by you
  • Prior to the total loss date
  • Outside the U.S. or Canada
  • After the redemption period following a repossession
  • Due to legal confiscation by a public official
  • If licensed, registered/titled in business name or used for business or has a salvage title

Additional Exclusions include:

  • Late charges, delinquent payments and deferred payments
  • Various refundable amounts due to you for early cancellation of financed products
  • Termination and disposition fees

Additional limitations apply. Be sure to review all limitations outlined on your GAP addendum.

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