Dealership Experience

If you are affected by the governmental shutdown or other unexpected event, we want to help. To discuss our vehicle payment deferral program and options for your payment, please call us at 800-727-7000.

What to Know Before You Go.

Time to visit a dealership to get a new car?  Before you go, use this handy checklist to prepare for the visit.


The vehicle:


Money matters:

  • Watch buy or lease video to help decide which is best for you
  • Determine your monthly car budget
  • Estimate your monthly payment with the payment calculator
  • Compare term lengths to future maintenance and market value
  • Plan for a down payment, fees and taxes.
  • Shop for car insurance 


Before you go:


What to bring to the dealership:

  • Apply online Pre-approval notification, if any
  • Driver’s license (or government ID)
  • Proof of income: W2s, paystubs or a letter of employment
  • Proof of residence: apartment lease, bank statement, pay stub or utility bill showing your name and address
  • Proof of vehicle insurance
  • Source of down payment
  • Trade-in: vehicle title, registration, all original equipment

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