Dealership Experience

What to Know Before You Go.

Time to visit a dealership to get a new car?  Before you go, use this handy checklist to prepare for the visit.


The vehicle:

☐    Use Build & Price to research and create your vehicle

☐    Search local inventory to find a match and select a dealer

☐    Research optional add-on protection products

☐    Research current incentives and rebates


Money matters:

☐    Watch buy or lease video to help decide which is best for you

☐    Determine your monthly car budget

☐    Estimate your monthly payment with the payment calculator

☐    Compare term lengths to future maintenance and market value

☐    Plan for a down payment, fees and taxes.

☐    Shop for car insurance 


Before you go:

☐    Apply Online (optional) 

☐    Get your free credit report at

☐    Determine your trade-in value and the balance owed


What to bring to the dealership:

☐    Apply online Pre-approval notification, if any

☐    Driver’s license (or government ID)

☐    Proof of income: W2s, paystubs or a letter of employment

☐    Proof of residence: apartment lease, bank statement, pay stub or utility bill showing your name and address

☐    Proof of vehicle insurance

☐    Source of down payment

☐    Trade-in: vehicle title, registration, all original equipment

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