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Why use your existing bank lines to acquire vehicles? Consider our Commercial Line of Credit (CLOC).*

The convenience of credit

Open a CLOC and you’ll get the advantage of:

  • Flexible terms
  • No setup or non-utilization charges
  • Available for retail financing, Red Carpet Lease and CommerciaLease
  • Credit that frees up capital
  • Availability of a combined billing statement

With our CLOC program, you can apply for a credit line starting at $250,000 and, once approved, you can add vehicles to your fleet whenever you need to, for up to 12 months.** Now you can be covered all year for all of your financing or leasing needs. No need to reapply every time you need a vehicle.

When to apply for a commercial line of credit

  • If you need or anticipate needing $250,000 or more in fleet financing
  • If your existing Ford Credit account balance is getting close to $250,000 and you’re planning to make additional purchases this year

Start the application process

To apply for a Commercial Line of Credit, please click on the link below and submit the required information. Your application will be processed within two weeks. For questions about applying for a CLOC online, please contact us at 866-468-5169 ext. 74977.

To complete the initial application, you will need:

  • Signature of person(s) authorized to sign for the business
  • Your previous three year-end financial statements

Vehicle intended use may affect ability to finance with Ford Credit.  For example, we do not provide financing for most rental vehicles.  For additional details, please refer to the Commercial Financing products.

Commercial Finance and Lease Programs Brochure


*Subject to initial approval, ongoing eligibility and periodic reviews.

**Provided no material change in financial condition – initial approval is for up to 12 months.

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