How do I change the tires on my Ford?

The tire change procedure varies depending on your vehicle. For specific information, refer to your Owner's Manual under "Changing a Road Wheel" or "Changing Tires."

Important: Your Owner's Manual contains warning instructions. Follow those instructions for your safety. 

Items Needed to Change a Tire

  • Lug Wrench
  • Car Jack
  • Spare Tire

Changing a Tire

To remove and replace your tire:

  1. Park on a level surface.
  2. Place the transmission in park (P) or in gear (if your vehicle has a transmission) and apply the parking brake. Then, activate the hazard lights and turn the engine off.
  3. Lift and remove the carpeted cargo area floor in the trunk to access the spare tire and jack.

    Note: Spare tire location varies across vehicles.

  4. Remove the wing nut that secures the spare tire by turning it counterclockwise. 
  5. Remove the spare tire.
  6. Remove the jack from the foam holder. 
  7. Remove the flat tire retainer strap from the jack base. The lug wrench is in the left side storage foam next to the spare tire.
  8. Unfold the lug wrench for use.
  9. Loosen each wheel lug nut one-half turn counterclockwise, but do not remove them until the wheel is raised off the ground. 
  10. Jack at the specified locations to avoid damage to the vehicle.

    Note: The vehicle jacking points are also depicted on the warning label on the jack. Small arrow-shaped marks on the vehicle sills show the location of the jacking points.

  11. Turn the wrench clockwise to raise the vehicle until the flat tire is completely off the ground.
  12. Remove the lug nuts with the lug wrench. 

    Note: If equipped with full wheel covers with exposed wheel nuts, remove the wheel nuts prior to removing the wheel cover, or damage to the wheel cover may occur.

  13. Replace the flat tire with the spare tire, making sure the valve stem is facing outward. Reinstall the lug nuts until the wheel is snug against the hub. Do not fully tighten the lug nuts until the wheel has been lowered.
  14. Lower the wheel by turning the jack handle counterclockwise.
  15. Remove the jack and fully tighten the lug nuts.
  16. Stow all equipment.

Helpful Tire-Changing Tips

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