Ford Credit Purchase FAQs

  • Can I have a late charge waived?

    Please contact Customer Service if you have a question concerning a late charge.

  • Do I still pay interest on a payment extension?

    If you have a retail installment contract with an interest rate greater than 0%, them interest will continue to accrue on your account. Your next payment will be applied first to any earned and unpaid interest and then to other amounts you owe. Because of the extension, your unpaid amount financed, or the principal balance, may not be reduced as rapidly as it would have under your original payment schedule. This may result in you owing more interest over the term of your contract than originally disclosed on your contract.

    Interest does not accrue on lease extensions

  • Will my optional, Disability, GAP, ESP, or other insurance, cover my extended payments?

    The Extension does not include an extension of any insurance coverage and/or any products/services that you may have purchased when you signed your Contract. You assume full responsibility for addressing your insurance coverage and/or products/services. Please carefully review the materials you received when you signed your Contract.

  • What if I get an extension but have automatic payments?

    An extension must be processed by 9:00 p.m. EST two business days before a scheduled payment.  If it is not, the payment will be withdrawn even though the extension has been granted. If it is scheduled before the deadline, the automatic payment will not be withdrawn for the extended month(s), and Ford Credit will resume automatic payments with your next payment due following the extension.  As disclosed in the automatic payment agreement, automatic payment amounts will be for current amount due as invoiced, including any applicable extension fees.  Additional information on automatic payment terms is available in Account Manager.

  • How do I request a payment extension?

    Please visit Account Manager to request an extension. If you are unable to complete an extension online or the requested terms do not meet your needs, please contact us at (800) 727-7000.

  • Am I eligible for a payment extension?

    Payment extensions allow you to defer a payment until a later date. A payment extension is a service provided to our customers to assist them in resolving a temporary financial burden. Accounts may be eligible to request and process an extension online.  Not all accounts will be eligible for an extension.  Please visit Account Manager to determine if your account is eligible. If you are unable to complete an extension online or the requested terms do not meet your needs, please contact Customer Service at (800) 727-7000

  • What is a payment extension?

    A payment extension allows you to defer one or more payments until a later date.  A payment extension is a service provided to our customers to assist them in resolving a temporary financial burden or hardship.

    When you are granted an extension your payment schedule will move forward in time the same period of time as the scheduled due dates are extended, so that the payments due may be paid later than what was originally contemplated under your contract.  The scheduled termination date of your contract will also be extended by the number of months extended.  All other terms of your contract remain in full force and effect.  On extended lease accounts, your mileage allowance does not increase.

  • What if I have other questions about my extension or account?

    We are here to help.  If you have any other questions about your extension, impact on your account, or if you need assistance, please reach out to Ford Credit at (800) 727-7000.

  • How do I know if the extension will impact my final payment?


    Monthly retail invoices disclose the payoff amount, so you can track how much you still owe on the account from month to month.  You will be invoiced for the final payment prior to the last payment due date.  The final invoiced amount may be higher than the normal monthly payment amount depending on your payment pattern during the term of the contract or due to extensions granted during the life of the contract.

    If you cannot make the final payment in full, please reach out to Ford Credit to discuss.  You may be able to enter into a Final Payment Reschedule agreement with Ford Credit. In a Final Payment Reschedule, you continue to pay the normal monthly payment amount (with the last month potentially having a payment that is less than the normal monthly amount) each month until the account is paid in full. Interest will continue to accrue on any outstanding principal balance.

  • What programs are offered to help maintain my vehicle or protect it from damage?

    Ford Credit provides access to a variety of different programs to help protect your vehicle from damage. For more information, visit Vehicle Protection.

  • How do I make a principal-only payment?

    Log in to Account Manager to make a principal-only payment.

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