What does the Ford Corrosion Warranty cover?

The Ford Corrosion Warranty states:

  • If the body sheet metal has corrosion damage without perforation (holes), and the damage is not the result of abnormal usage and/or extreme environmental conditions, then the corrosion damage repairs are covered under the New Vehicle Warranty period: 3 years or 36,000 miles for cars & light trucks.
  • Rust damage resulting in perforation in body sheet metal panels is covered for 5 years/unlimited miles for cars & light trucks.
  • Aluminum Panels on 2015 F150s, 2016 cars & light trucks, and beyond vehicles, corrosion damage is covered for 5 years/unlimited miles with no requirement for perforation.

If you have a corrosion-related concern, your Ford Dealer can determine if it is covered under warranty.

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