Where can I purchase wiring diagrams for my Ford?

You can purchase online wiring diagrams from the Motorcraft®* Service website or through the Helm website.

Motorcraft Service

  1. Visit the Motorcraft Service website.
  2. Select Service Info to view available subscription information.
  3. Select Term to choose subscription length: 72 hours, 30 days, or 1 year.

Note: The wiring diagrams on the Motorcraft Service website are part of a subscription and cannot be purchased individually.


Certain model years have individual wiring diagrams available through Helm without a subscription.

  1. Visit the Helm website.
  2. Fill in your vehicle Make, Model, and Year, and select Wiring Diagram as Document Type in the red Start Here box.
  3. Select Search.

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*Motorcraft is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.