How do I delete my Phone As A Key using FordPass?

In order to use Phone As A Key with FordPass, you must:

  • Have the app downloaded to your device.
  • Have an active FordPass account and be logged in.
  • Have a properly equipped vehicle added to the app.
    • Currently the Ford Mach-E.
  • Enable your Customer Connectivity Settings (CCS).
  • Authorize your embedded modem.
  • Enable your phone's Bluetooth®.
    • Bluetooth version must be 4.2+.
  • Supported mobile device running Android 8.0+ or iOS 13.0+.

  1. Navigate to the Home landing screen.
  2. Scroll down and select the Phone As A Key Devices option.
  3. Tap Delete next to the key you want to remove.
    • You can only delete keys that belong to you. You cannot remove other account keys. 
  4. Enter your account log in credentials.
  5. Select Remove Key
  6. Your key will now be remove. 

Note: You can also select the Key Controls icon directly from Home, and tap Manage Keys to remove Phone As A Key devices through the app.

For assistance with device removal, you can also contact a Guide

Note: Only devices associated with your FordPass account can be removed when removing Phone As A Key devices through the app.