Why does FordPass®* show my activation status as unavailable?

If there you are requesting access to an activated vehicle, FordPass will display one of the messages below. 

FordPass Activation Unavailable 

Select your FordPass App experience for more information if you are unable to connect to your vehicle. 

FordPass 4.X Experience

If you attempt to activate your vehicle, but receive a pop-up advising that the activation is currently unavailable, tap OK on the pop-up message to return to the Home screen.

Note: To activate your account, the current activation request has to be completed first. 

FordPass 5.X Experience

If you attempt to connect to your vehicle but receive a pop-up to "Please Try Again Later," this means that there was an error and the connection could not be completed. Refer to the error code (if available) within the pop-up message for more details. 

If you need additional assistance, contact a Guide using the Account > Help path in FordPass. 

Additional Information 

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*FordPass® App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available via a download. Message and data rates may apply.