How do I precondition my battery for DC Fast Charging?

Your Ford electric vehicle (EV) is equipped with En-Route Preconditioning. Your EV relies on your built-in navigation to know when you are close to your chosen direct current (DC) fast charger. Your vehicle will automatically cool or warm its battery to ensure charging performance when you arrive.

How do I turn on En-Route Preconditioning?

En-Route Preconditioning enables when you use built-in navigation to either:

  • Choose a DC fast charger from the list of nearby chargers.
  • Plan a route with Power My Trip that includes a DC fast charging stop.

En-Route Preconditioning will not work if you:

  • Navigate with Android Auto™* or Apple CarPlay®**.
  • Do not have a Connected Navigation Subscription.
  • Have a predicted battery level on arrival that is less than 5%.
  • Are predicted to have less than 10 miles of range remaining at arrival.

Note: En-Route Preconditioning uses excess heating or cooling capacity that is not being used in the cabin. 

  • Since your comfort takes priority, the capacity available for preconditioning may be limited in extremely hot or cold temperatures. 
  • Reducing the use of your climate controls can increase the capacity of En-Route Preconditioning.

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*Android Auto, is a trademark of Google Inc.

**Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.