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Help the grid and your wallet with Ford Energy Rewards. See how it works, if your utility provider participates, and how you can enroll.

What is Ford Energy Rewards?

Ford Energy Rewards is a complimentary service that rewards you for supporting your utility provider’s mission of grid stability and increased renewable energy usage.


How does Ford Energy Rewards work?

Ford connects electric vehicle (EV) owners in some states with their local utility companies who are offering incentives in exchange for flexibility in charging times. If you charge your vehicle at home and your utility provider has collaborated with Ford, you can sign up.

Ford then manages your vehicle charging with the utility program and automatically schedules your charge to earn incentives. Your charging will be shifted to match your utility's needs, helping to protect your community’s electric grid, and helping your utility provider keep your lights on.

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How do I control Ford Energy Rewards?

Ford Energy Rewards takes your charging preferences into account, so you have the charge you need each day. You have ultimate control of your charge schedule with your smart phone. When participating in Ford Energy Rewards, you can always start charging your vehicle if you need to.

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