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Does Ford Credit have a finance program to assist customers who plan to finance modified vehicles?

The Ford Credit Accessibility Finance Program (FCAFP) provides extended contract terms to lower eligible customers’ monthly payments. The FCAFP supports Ford Motor Company’s Accessibility Program (FMCAP).

Vehicles that are eligible under the Ford Credit Accessibility Finance Program

All new Ford models from all Ford Dealers.

How does the Ford Credit Accessibility Finance Program work?

Extended terms are available based on the amount financed in order to lower the customer’s monthly payment over the life of the loan. Extended term is available on standard rate retail contracts as outlined below:


Minimum Amount Financed

Maximum Term*


Up to 84 months


Up to 96 months


Up to 108 months

         *A FICO score of 640 or greater is required for greater than 75 months.


Does the amount financed include the cost of the conversion and equipment?

Yes, the maximum amount financed includes both the vehicle and conversion cost.  The converter’s invoice cannot exceed more than the cost of the vehicle alone (i.e., the total advance cannot exceed 200% of the vehicle cost)

To find out more about the Ford Credit Accessibility Finance Program, please contact your local dealer or a customer service representative for further information.

For more information, visit the Ford Accessibility Program