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How can I transfer my vehicle and account obligations to someone else?

A Transfer of Equity/Lease may allow the original customer to transfer ownership, equity, and responsibility for their vehicle to a new customer who agrees to be bound by the contract. A Transfer of Equity or Lease Agreement is used to add or remove a customer from an existing contract.

Prior to the completion of a Transfer of Equity/Lease, the following criteria must be met:

  1. All parties to the contract must approve the transfer (buyer/lessee, co-buyer/co-lessee and/or guarantor, if applicable) and us.
  2. A credit application is required for each new applicant.
  3. The original customer(s) and/or guarantor(s) (if applicable) continues to be liable for the contract, if not approved for a release from liability.
  4. The buyer/lessee remaining on the account does not have to complete a new credit application. However, if one of the buyers /lessees is requesting release via the Transfer of Equity/Lease, then the buyer/lessee who will remain on the contract may be required to complete a credit application.
  5. A credit decision to approve or decline the request is made during the credit decision process.
  6. A nonrefundable transfer fee (of up to $135) may be assessed to the account when the transfer application is approved and will appear on the next invoice. The transfer fee must be paid by the original customer before the transfer can be processed.
  7. The account must be current, including all late charges and fees.
  8. The applicant (transferee) must provide proof of insurance for lease vehicles.
  9. You will be responsible for any sales tax, property tax, registration and title fees required by the jurisdiction where the vehicle will be registered. For leases, the total monthly payment may change from the payment on the existing contract as a result of the taxes required at the new registration address. Please contact the DMV office where the vehicle will be registered to ensure you clearly understand the requirements necessary to transfer this vehicle.

If you would like to proceed with the Transfer of Equity/Lease process, please contact us to indicate which of the options below you would prefer to use to receive the Transfer of Equity/Lease Questionnaire and Credit Application: Upload to Account Manager, mail, DocuSign or fax.


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