Generation 5: The “Original Body Style”


Information on this page was sourced from “Ford Bronco: A History of Ford’s Legendary 4x4” by Todd Zuercher
1993 Ford Bronco parked on a rocky trail

Looks that Thrill

In addition to its several key safety innovations, the fifth (and final, for years to come) generation of Bronco was famously easy on the eyes. This latecomer to the fold featured a more aerodynamic design, plus a host of other stylish updates, both inside and out.

Riding Out in Style

Dubbed the “Original Body Style (OBS)” by Bronco insiders, Generation 5 boasted cleaner lines—particularly on the front end—than earlier series. Designers further enhanced the aerodynamics, which included streamlined exterior mirrors. Accentuating its fresh profile, Bronco came with an exciting, new collection of paint colors and combinations—rumored to be some of the most stunning of its 30-year run.

Bronco in Uniform


By Generation 5, Bronco’s reputation for capability, durability and off-road prowess was well-established. In fact, Bronco was often the vehicle of choice for rangers in the United States Forest Service and Border Patrol officers.

1994 Ford Bronco XLT parked on a mountain trail

The Inside Story: The Final Lap

The last years of Bronco production produced revised aerodynamics and styling.


Dig deep into some historical, all-purpose Bronco specifications.
1994 Ford Eddie Bauer Bronco in Electric Red