Generation 3: Comfort Upgrade

Information on this page was sourced from “Ford Bronco: A History of Ford’s Legendary 4x4” by Todd Zuercher

1981 Ford Bronco X L T with Victoria Tu Tone

From the Trail to the Interstate  

In its third iteration, Bronco set out to blaze further fresh territory. This time, key innovations boosted fuel economy and ensured a smoother ride, both on-road and off. A change from solid front axle to independent front suspension (Twin-Traction Beam) was implemented to improve ride characteristics while not compromising ground clearance in rough terrain. New models also offered more luxury amenities, without sacrificing on the capability front.

Without Compromise

The third generation of Bronco was lighter, more fuel efficient, and had more interior options than ever, yet Bronco never strayed from its unbridled passion for the wild.


The Inside Story: Trim Packages

The third generation offered a wide variety of trim choices and packages.
1982 Ford Bronco X L S Interior with optional Captain’s chairs

Seating Choices

As with its forerunners, Generation 3 Bronco offered a range of different seating configurations: low back buckets, a full-size bench seat with split seat back, a flip/fold rear seat and captain’s chairs, complete with folding armrests and reclining backs.


Dig deep into some historical, all-purpose Bronco specifications.
1983 Ford Bronco X L T with exterior trim detail