Generation 2: Bronco Goes Bigger


Information on this page was sourced from “Ford Bronco: A History of Ford’s Legendary 4x4” by Todd Zuercher.
1979 Ford Bronco in Light Sand with Combination Tu Tone option

Bronco Grows Up

Following its successful debut, Bronco sales reached record levels after the launch of the 2nd generation Bronco in 1978. The first two years of the larger and more luxurious Bronco were some of the most popular 30-year production run. Bronco shifted to a larger platform and body-style sharing components with the F-Series truck while maintaining key off-road capabilities including maneuverability, and approach, departure, and breakover angles.

Rugged Adventurer

Second Generation Bronco upped its toughness game with off-road-ready features including optional dual shocks for the front suspension, heavy-duty rear shocks and front and rear sway bars to improve ride and handling. The front and rear axles, along with other key components, were carried over from the F-Series, and horsepower was amplified with two standard V8 engines.

Bronco-worthy style, Inside and Out

Interior amenities and standout package options leveled up life on the trail.


Dig deep into some historical, all-purpose Bronco specifications.
1979 Ford Bronco in Light Sand with Combination Tu Tone option