How to speak to SYNC with MyFord Touch

SYNC® with MyFord Touch® can only hear you when it’s in Listening mode. If you speak while SYNC is speaking, it can’t hear you and won’t respond properly to your commands. Take turns for a successful voice session with SYNC.27

  1. Press the Voice button.

  2. SYNC prompts you for your first command. When you hear the single tone and the 8-inch touchscreen shows Listening, speak the command in the direction of the microphone. <

    Don’t speak while you see the Paused icon in the status bar; SYNC can’t hear your commands unless it’s Listening.

  3. Continue to give commands when prompted until the command sequence is complete.

    When the status bar displays a voice status message, the voice session is active, and you can speak when you see SYNC is Listening.

    When SYNC displays a Success or Failure message in the status bar, the voice session is over.

  4. To start a new voice session, press Voice again.

Quick Tip

'What can I say?'

If you can’t remember the voice command you need, ask, “What can I say?” and a list of valid commands will display on the touchscreen. If you don't see the command you want, say “Next page” to display more commands.

Quick Tip


If you’re stuck in a voice command "loop" and SYNC doesn’t understand anything you say, say "Cancel" to end the voice session. Then, press Voice to start a new session.