Use your phone with voice commands

A key feature of SYNC® with MyFord Touch® is using voice commands for hands-free calling.27

Key points about Phone voice commands

Unlike other voice commands, the Phone mode is always active, so you don’t have to first say “Phone” to switch modes. If you do say "Phone" first, the command still works.

Contact names must be said exactly as entered in your phonebook. Giving the location, such as “Mom at home” is optional, but helps streamline the voice dialogue between you and SYNC.

There is no voice command to end a call. To conclude a call, press the Phone button or wait for the other party to disconnect.

Phone voice commands


Voice Commands

Call listing in phonebook

"Call (name) (at home/at work/on cell/on other)"

Ex.: "Call Mom"

Ex.: "Call Mary Smith on cell"

Call number "Dial" | pause | "(phone number)"
Call voicemail "Call voicemail"
Send calls to voicemail/ Pick up calls "Do not disturb (on/off)"
Turn ringer on/off "Turn ringer (on/off)"
Turn on/off phone's Bluetooth® feature* "Bluetooth (on/off)"
Begin to pair a phone "Pair phone" | pause | follow prompts
Show all phone voice commands "Phone list of commands"
Hear valid phone commands "Phone help"
If a call is active, use the following commands:  
Switch audio from car speakers to phone (privacy) "Transfer to phone"
Switch audio from phone to car speakers (hands-free) "Transfer to car"
Place call on hold / take call off hold "Hold call (on/off)"
Mute/unmute call "Mute call (on/off)"
Combine two calls to begin a conference call "Join call"

*Turning off Bluetooth limits SYNC capabilities, including hands-free calling.48

Text message voice commands

These commands allow you to hear a text message and send a preformatted reply. You cannot text while driving.


Voice Commands

Listen to text message

Incoming message:

Ex.: "Listen to message"

Stored message:

"Messages" | pause | "Listen to message (line #)"

Ex.: "Messages" | pause | "Listen to message 2"

Reply to incoming text message "Reply to message" | pause | follow prompts
Forward active text message

"Forward message" | pause |

Ex.: "Forward message" | pause | "Name" |
pause | "John"

Ex.: "Forward message" | pause | "Number" |
pause | "800-555-1212"

Call sender of active text message "Call sender"
Hear valid text message commands (while in Message mode) "Help"