What is Ford Safety Recall 20S30?

Ford Motor Company has issued recall 20S30 for select Ford vehicles for a door latch issue. Affected vehicles may not have had all door latches replaced or correctly replaced when repaired by dealerships under safety recalls 15S16 or 16S30.

Safety recalls 15S16 and 16S30 were issued to replace door latches with latch pawl spring tabs that were susceptible to cracking and failure in areas with high thermal loads (i.e., a combination of outdoor air temperature and solar radiation).

Owner Self-Inspection

If your vehicle is included in recall 20S30, you will have the option to inspect your vehicle’s door latch date codes and enter the data on the fordlatchrecall.com website. This will help determine if a prior recall repair was properly completed. The inspection sheet is included with the Owner Letter.

Alternatively, you can take your vehicle to a Ford Dealer for inspection.

Note: If you are unable to access the Ford latch recall website, clear your cache and try again.

Vehicle Inspection Videos

You can find vehicle inspection videos on the fordlatchrecall.com website.

FordLatch Recall Website

Self-Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

When I scan my QR code, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the website does not match my vehicle. Should I still complete the inspection?

The VIN on the website needs to match the vehicle you are inspecting.

  • If you own more than one vehicle of the same model, make sure that you are inspecting the correct vehicle.
  • If in doubt, reference the VIN near the top of the Owner Letter you received. Compare it to your vehicle to be sure your vehicle needs an inspection.
  • If needed, you can type in your vehicle’s VIN on the fordlatchrecall.com website.

I cannot make out the code on my latch. What do I do?

Try these steps:

  • Dirt, grime, grease, or other substances can easily obscure the characters in the latch code. Use a cloth to wipe away anything that may be in your way.
  • Look at the code from different angles, and adjust the intensity of the light you are using.
  • Use chalk or a light-colored crayon to lightly rub across the code and draw out some of the fainter detail.
  • If you are unable to read the latch code after taking these steps, be sure to mark the door code in question as Cannot Read and complete the inspection on the remaining door latches.

One of my child locks is missing. Do I need to finish the inspection?

It is not necessary to finish the inspection, although submitting your inspection results could be helpful. If your vehicle is missing a child lock, you need to schedule an appointment with your Ford Dealer.

I am having a hard time figuring out one or more characters in my latch code. How do I interpret these characters?

Latch codes must contain 4-7 characters, both letters and numbers (some codes only contain numbers). Some helpful tips regarding how to better decipher the characters on your vehicle include:

Latch codes will not contain the letter O, only the number 0. Stamped latch codes are hard to distinguish between D and the number 0.

See the comparison below.

Stamped latch code D
Letter D

Stamped latch code 0
Zero (0)

"Dot Peened" latch codes are hard to distinguish between 0 and 8. 

See the comparison below.

Dot Peened latch code 0
Zero (0)

Dot Peened latch code 8
Eight (8)

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