Why is my remote start not working in FordPass®*?

Remote start can fail if there are certain vehicle conditions preventing it (e.g., open doors or the vehicle is already running). Use the details below for more information.

Remote Start Requirements

If your remote start does not work, ensure the following:

  • All vehicle doors, trunk, hood, and tailgate are closed. FordPass should alert you if one is ajar.
  • The engine is turned off when a remote start is requested.
  • The alarm horn is not sounding off.
  • Your vehicle is in Park (P) mode.
  • Remote start is enabled on your vehicle's instrument cluster. To check your settings: 
    1. Ensure your vehicle is on, running, parked, and in a well-ventilated safe area.
    2. Locate the directional arrows on your steering wheel. 
    3. Go to Settings > Vehicle > Remote Start > System.

      Note: Some panels are different and may be listed as Settings > Advance Settings > Vehicle > Remote Start > System. 

    4. Set Remote Start to On, which is represented by a check mark.

Troubleshooting Remote Start 

  1. Restart your device and attempt to remote start again. 
  2. Ensure your vehicle is not in Deep Sleep mode

Note: You may also receive an error if you attempt too many back-to-back remote start requests. Drive your vehicle to reset the remote start settings. 

If your remote start commands fail after troubleshooting, contact a Guide for additional assistance.  

*FordPass® App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available via a download. Message and data rates may apply.