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Order Wave Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ford still taking F-150 Lightning reservations?

No, the reservation system is now closed.

How will reservation holders be invited to place an order?

Reservation holders will be invited via email to place orders at staggered dates so we can more easily provide delivery timing to customers during the ordering process.

Why invite reservation holders back in waves?

This allows Ford the ability to efficiently monitor which configurations are being ordered.

How many people are in each wave?

The number of people invited will vary by wave. We are unable to share specifics.

How many waves will there be for the 2023 MY production?

There is not a set number of waves. The number of waves will be adjusted throughout the process based on available commodities and order rates from each previous wave. Invitations to order a 2023 MY will continue to be sent to reservation holders until 2023 MY production is fulfilled. Any remaining reservation holders will be invited to order in subsequent model years.

How long do I have to place an order during my wave?

We recommend that you submit your order as soon as possible once invited to have the best opportunity to order your preferred configuration. 

What happens if I miss my email invitation?

You can log in to your Ford account to view your reservation. If you have received an invitation to order, your account will reflect that, and you will be able to initiate the order and online configuration process from there. You can also call the Ford Marketing Center at 800-392-3673 or your Ford Dealer to confirm your invitation status if unsure whether you received an invitation to order.

Do those invited in subsequent waves have the same chances of getting the vehicle they want as those in earlier waves?

As invited reservation holders begin to convert and submit orders, we will monitor available commodities and configurations and update the online configurator for each wave. Reservation holders invited in earlier waves have a greater chance of ordering their preferred configuration.

If my preferred vehicle configuration is not available, can I hold my place in line for a later MY vehicle?

No, once invited to order, you will have the availability to select any of the current models available. You can also cancel your reservation and receive a deposit refund at any time.

Will the first people to place their orders be the first to receive them?

Not necessarily. Actual delivery times will vary based on vehicle model and configuration selected, dealer location, and demand. Once your vehicle is scheduled for production, you will receive further notification from Ford on timing.

Will all reservation holders get an invitation to order a 2023 MY F-150 Lightning?

Due to the high demand levels, not all reservation holders may be invited to order for 2023 MY. We continue to work to break constraints and increase volumes quickly for future model years.

How will I know if I will get to place a 2023 MY order?

We began distributing invitations in August 2022. We will continue to send out waves of invitations to 2023 MY. If you are selected, you will receive an invite from Ford.

I have a reservation but did not get invited to order a 2023 MY F-150 Lightning. Do I need to take any action prior to future model year ordering?

No, you will automatically be in line for future model years. 


Reservation to Order Information

What is an online order?

By completing the order process, you are not purchasing a vehicle but rather placing an order request with your selected dealer. An order request sends your vehicle configuration to the dealer who will then process your order request. Your agreement to purchase the vehicle will be with your dealer and not with Ford and will be signed at the time of delivery of the vehicle via the Purchase Agreement.

To complete the order process for a vehicle:

  1. Create and/or log in to your Ford account.
  2. Select your preferred vehicle configuration (including available vehicle models and options) and submit the required information for your order.
  3. Select an authorized Ford dealer if a dealer was not chosen previously*.
  4. Pay an order deposit that goes directly to the selected dealer. 
    Note: The amount of the deposit varies by dealer. By paying an order deposit, you are agreeing to the dealer’s estimated selling price for your selected vehicle as displayed on the order summary page, which may differ from the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)**.

Am I ordering this vehicle directly from Ford?

No, your dealer is placing the order with Ford on your behalf. Your Purchase Agreement is between you and your dealer. You do not have a contractual relationship directly with Ford.

What is the dealer selling price? 

The dealer selling price is the price the dealer is willing to sell the vehicle for in a purchase transaction and corresponds to the estimated dealer selling price for the vehicle displayed in the pricing summary at the time of your online (or offline) order. The estimated dealer selling price excludes available incentives, governmental taxes and fees, title or registration fees, and dealer-installed options. All current available incentives (including AXZD-Plans Pricing), taxes, and fees will be applied at the time of vehicle delivery and prior to signing the Purchase Agreement. The final selling price, including dealer installed options, taxes, fees, and applicable incentives, will be reflected in the Purchase Agreement.

What is an order deposit?

This is the deposit your dealer will receive to process your order request. The dealer will hold the order deposit in accordance with applicable law (e.g. a separate non-interest bearing trust account). Order deposit refund policies vary by dealer. Please ask your dealer for their refund policy before you place your order request. Once your dealer has accepted your order request, Ford and/or your dealer may contact you periodically with updates regarding the status of your order.

Can I cancel, transfer, or assign my order?

 You must contact your dealer to cancel your order and request a refund of your order deposit. If your order is canceled, the order deposit will be refunded following the dealer’s refund policy. You may not transfer or assign your order or any other rights under the Terms and Conditions.

What happens to the reservation deposit?

You may request a full refund of your reservation deposit at any time prior to placing an order request. Once you have placed your order request, and it is accepted by the dealer, all deposits will be subject to the dealer’s refund policy. Your reservation deposit may be applied by the dealer towards the purchase price of your vehicle. Please ask your dealer for their refund policy before placing your order request.

Can I change my reservation configuration before I submit my order request?

Yes, you can modify your configuration prior to the time your order request is accepted by your dealer and becomes an order. 

Can I change or update my order?

You must contact your dealer to request any changes to your vehicle order.

Can I change my dealer prior to my order request?

Changing your selected dealer will impact production timing and vehicle delivery and may affect available configurations. If you would like to change the dealer associated with your reservation prior to submitting your order request, please contact a Ford Customer Experience Representative at 800-392-3673.

How do I get my deposit back if I decide to cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation at any time from your Ford Account on Ford.com by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to MY ACCOUNT.

Can I change my order once it is placed?

After ordering your vehicle, you should contact your selected dealer to inquire about updating or changing your vehicle order. However, you will not be able to change the dealership associated with your order once it is submitted. 

Can I call or visit my dealer to place my order?

Yes, your dealer can assist with submitting and processing your order once you have received an invitation to convert your reservation to an order.

Can I change my dealer after my order is submitted?

No. Once you submit an order, that order submission is sent to your current dealer to be scheduled and built.

Can you guarantee the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the F-150 Lightning?

Dealers are independent franchises. The final price you will pay for any vehicle is agreed between you and a dealer that is at, below, or above the MSRP. We recommend that all customers agree to a selling price with their dealer when an order is placed via a signed Purchase Agreement. For model years beyond 2022, Ford will release MSRP information as it becomes available.

What do I do if I want an F-150 Lightning but do not have a reservation?

We recommend that you sign up for "Get Updates" located on the F-150 Lightning vehicle homepage to ensure you receive the latest updates and news around the F-150 Lightning. We will communicate when non-reservation holders will have the opportunity to place orders, which will be for later model years. 

Will there be any opportunity to buy an F-150 Lightning off the lot without a reservation?

Reservation holders will be the first to be invited to place an order for an F-150 Lightning. Due to high demand, Ford does not forecast any dealer stock orders to be on the lot until later model years.

Will dealers have an F-150 Lighting on their lot, so I can test drive one prior to ordering?

Reservation holders will be the first to be invited to place an order for an F-150 Lightning. Due to high demand, Ford does not forecast any dealer stock orders to be on the lot until later model years.

When will I take delivery of my vehicle?

Actual delivery times may vary based on selected vehicle model and configuration, residency, and demand. Once your vehicle is scheduled to be built, you will receive further notification from Ford and/or the dealer with updates regarding the status of your order.


Production Information

When is 2023 MY F-150 Lightning being produced?

Production for the 2023 MY started in the fall of 2022.

How many F-150 Lightnings will be produced for the 2023 MY?

We are currently ramping up to a target of approximately 80,000 units for the 2023 MY. 

When will ordering begin for future model years?

We plan on inviting customers to order our next model year next summer, 2023. 

If I purchase a later MY F-150 Lightning, will my price be protected?

Ford will honor the price on the day an order is placed. 

Note: An F-150 Lightning reservation holds a place in line to order but does not constitute an order. Future model year pricing will be provided when available.


Order Bank Information

Why are you no longer accepting 2022 F-150 Lightning orders?

Once orders reach a particular threshold for the model year, we no longer accept orders to ensure we have sufficient production and commodity supply to build customer orders. Dealers will continue to be able to submit orders for F-150 dealer stock inventory. If selected for scheduling within existing commodity constraints, you will be able to purchase these vehicles from dealers upon arrival.

Can I still get a 2022 F-150 Lightning?

Yes, dealer stock ordering will continue to be available for the remainder of the 2022 MY, so you will still be able to purchase these vehicles from dealers upon arrival. The change simply is that you will be unable to place a custom retail order until the 2023 MY opened in August 2022.