The Ford GT.

This is what true innovation looks like. From its 3.5L EcoBoost® technology to its ultra-efficient ...more

Aero in Action

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Performance and Technology

The teardrop shape of the Ford GT is the result of extensive work in the wind tunnel. Its carbon-fiber body and its 660-horsepower 3.5L EcoBoost® V6 engine are the ultimate expressions of technological innovation.
Ford G T on racetrack

Engineering the Ford GT.

See what happens when you give the best automotive engineers in the world the time and resources they need not just to push the envelope, but to bust right through it.
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Designed for Speed and Performance. From the Ground Up.


Whether on the road or on the track, every single element of the Ford GT was designed to deliver the extraordinary speed and exceptional handling found only in purpose-built racing cars.


3.5L                     660

EcoBoost® V6                          Horsepower

Ford G T race car parked

Let’s Race

Competition makes everyone stronger. The Ford GT is feared on the track thanks to wins all the way to Le Mans. And since that sort of thing winds up in the rest of our vehicles, we win races off the track as well.