2019 Transit



The 2019 Transit Passenger Van offers the technology to keep you connected, comfortable and confident on the road.
2019 extended length high roof ford transit passenger van in ingot silver
Available fordpass


FordPass is the one-stop app that can help you move more freely throughout your day.164
Here’s how:

  • Receive key vehicle info and schedule service
  • Use FordPay to conveniently pay for service*
  • Compare fuel prices at stations along your route
  • Find parking169ahead of time
  • Get FordPass help from a friendly FordGuide

These are just some of the great things you can do with FordPass. If you haven’t already, download the FordPass app on the App Store167 or get it on GooglePlay.167

*Only available at participating dealers. See dealer for more details.

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Available SYNC 3 is our easy-to-use, responsive, voice-activated technology. Discover the system’s quick reactions to your conversational voice commands. Experience the smartphone-like touchscreen with impressive responsiveness. You’ll also find a sleek userfriendly interface to help you connect to and control your smartphone. Locate your favorite restaurants with simple destination entry via the navigational system. SYNC 3 is fast, smart and easy to use.27
Available sync 3
Available lane keeping alert


A camera mounted behind the windshield scans road lane markings to determine vehicle position and detects a lane departure. This available feature can operate during the day or night. Lane-keeping alert warns you through a series of steering wheel vibrations, which mimic driving over a rumble strip, should the system detect an unintentional lane departure.10 The Driver Alert System recognizes lane drifting as a sign of tiredness and issues a visual and audio alert.

Available rain sensing wipers on high roof passenger van


The available rain-sensing wipers automatically turn on and adjust their speed based on how wet the windshield gets.*
*Rain-sensing wiper system must be turned off before entering an automatic car wash.
Available sirius x m satellite radio


Enjoy more than 150 channels including commercial-free music, plus live sports, news and exclusive entertainment, with a six-month trial subscription to the All Access package included with your new vehicle. You’ll hear every channel available, plus you can listen online and on the SiriusXM app.34


Side-wind stabilization applies the brakes on one side of the vehicle to reduce the effect of a sudden side wind gust when you are driving. When active, the stability and traction control light flashes and a message may appear in the information display. There may be a slight deceleration, and you may need to make a steering correction to maintain your intended vehicle path.*
*Side-wind stabilization does not turn on for continuous side winds or during vehicle turns. Remember that even advanced technology cannot overcome the laws of physics. It’s always possible to lose control of a vehicle due to inappropriate driver input for the conditions.
Side wind stabilization