2024 Maverick®


A 2024 Ford Maverick® in Carbonized Gray is being driven on a dusty dirt road with a bike secured in the truck bed

Built Ford Tough® & Tested

A truck made for adventure needs to last, so engineers at Ford put the Maverick® truck through its paces.

Pushed and punished over 19 million real and simulated miles in the harshest conditions in North America, this pickup was challenged by max trailering up steep grades in West Virginia and North Carolina. It went to great heights — 14,000 feet to be exact — with an altitude test at Pikes Peak, Colorado. It also braved the 120° heat of Arizona and the –40° cold of Manitoba, Canada.

North or south, high or low, hot or cold — it proved its capability and versatility.

XLT model with available Ford Accessories shown. Optional equipment shown.

Make Every Day An Experience

Go for a spontaneous mountain bike ride or pull up to your favorite team’s stadium and have a tailgate party. Wherever you’re living life, the 2024 Maverick® truck makes enjoying the city just as easy as escaping from it.
LARIAT® model shown.
A 2024 Ford Maverick® truck parked with people and a bike at a campsite

A Pickup That Lets You Pick Up & Go

Help a friend move, bring home a 60-inch TV or load up your firewood. Let your Maverick® carry the load.
XLT model shown.
A 2024 Ford Maverick® truck is parked at an apartment with people loading a sofa in the truck bed

FX4® Off-Road Package

Take on almost any terrain with 17-inch aluminum wheels, A/T tires, Hill Descent Control, skid plates, tuned shocks and four additional drive modes. Your only requirement is a 2.0L EcoBoost® engine AWD.
XLT model with optional equipment and available Ford Accessories shown.
A 2024 Ford Maverick® truck is being driven off-road with a bike in the truck bed

Accessorize Your Ride

Make your Maverick® truck as unique as you are. There are a ton of ways to personalize your pickup, like with the bed extender shown here.
LARIAT® with available Ford accessories shown. Extra-cost color option shown.
A 2024 Ford Maverick® truck is parked at a lake with a kayak in the truck bed

Drive Modes to Suit Your Mood

Whether you’re taking your Maverick® truck on the road or off of it, the five standard drive modes — Normal, Tow/Haul, Slippery, Eco and Sport will help you get where you’re going. Upgrade to the available FX4® Off-Road or TREMOR® Off-Road packages, that come equipped with Normal, Tow Haul, Slippery, Sand and Mud/Ruts drive modes.

TREMOR® Off-Road Package

Thrive when you roll off the beaten path with dark-appearance head and taillamps, rugged all-terrain tires, an off-road-tuned suspension with one-inch lift and steel skid plates. Requires the 2.0L EcoBoost® engine and all-wheel drive.

XLT model with optional equipment shown.

Always consult the Owner’s Manual before off-road driving, know your terrain and trail difficulty, and use appropriate safety gear.

A 2024 Ford Maverick® truck with the TREMOR® Off-Road Package driving up a dirt hill