2024 F-150®


Go Just About Anywhere and Over Anything

2024 F-150® off-road trucks are for the serious off-roader who leaves no path unexplored. With next-level 4-wheeling capability underfoot and powerful engines underhood, you can drive deeper into the desert or into the thick of things where only the bold venture. And the most unforgiving terrains aren’t considered obstacles — but challenges.
Professional driver on a closed course. Always consult the Raptor supplement to the Owner’s Manual before off-road driving, know your terrain and trail difficulty, and use appropriate safety gear.
2024 Ford F-150® Raptor R™ truck in Oxford White being driven in the desert kicking up dust

Baja Racer Disguised as a Pickup

F-150® TREMOR®

Advanced selectable drive modes help provide a firm grip in unstable situations. Rugged off-road-tuned suspension increases ground clearance while absorbing the shock of every bump, dip, and rock along the route. Steel skid plates and large all-terrain tires help instill confidence over almost any landscape. A unique stylish coast-to-coast grille along with TREMOR® badging and accents inside and out demand attention.
TREMOR® availability starting spring 2024.
2024 Ford F-150® TREMOR® truck in Iconic Silver being driven through a large mud hole

F-150® STX® FX4®

Equipped with an assortment of rugged features to take it off-road, the STX FX4 pickup is set to take you on a mud-slinging excursion in the boonies, or far from the concrete jungle to reset and recharge.
Man on a ladder accessing a Ford Accessories truck bed tent mounted on a 2024 Ford F-150® STX® FX4® truck at sunset
Image of the steering wheel and center stack and 12-inch display screen on a 2024 Ford F-150® Raptor R™ truck

Selectable Drive Modes

As fast as the terrain or weather conditions change, you can quickly adapt with the twist of a dial with selectable drive modes. From mild to extreme, selectable drive modes help keep you in control wherever your day takes you.